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'Out of Time' - Undying Love 

This song was one of those effortless ones that wrote itself...a tribute to stubborn and undying on!

'Out of Time' - Lyrics:

Felt like it was yesterday, you were young and alone and my world shook when I met you.
Funny how you turned away, like the walls that you built were the answer to protect you. 

And the road it was rough, but I’m tough and I didn’t slow down, 
Until I found the words brought 'em crashing to the ground. 
I will not leave you, 
I won't forget you, 
I want to let you in. 
Do you…

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'Summertime' - Exuberance and Simplicity 

'Summertime' was written as a remembrance not of a season, but of the carelessness and exuberance of youth.  As the years pass, we grow, we learn and our wisdom expands, but all too often this leads us to forget the simpler days when we had fewer worries and could just throw ourselves into life without the thought of consequences.  The giddy, energetic and almost drunken haze of this song reminds us of those times...tempting us to revisit them.

You can download 'Moodswings' on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play

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The Lyrics and Origins of 'Drive' 

'Drive' was chosen to be the first track on our latest record 'Moodswings' because it embodied almost the entire range of emotions within itself as were expressed in long-form throughout the record itself.  Written by Will and our good friend Morgan Taylor Reid, 'Drive' became the embodiment of first love, passion, youthful mistakes, loss, anguish and reflection.  The song is almost written in past-tense, but Will and Morgan wanted to evoke a sense of lucid memory throughout, almost as though the past was…Read more
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