Announcing the New E.P. 'Mixed Up'!

We are extremely excited to announce the upcoming release of our next E.P. 'Mixed Up'.  As the title implies, the record consists of several different versions of our recent single, and it will be available on all digital music platforms on June 23, 2017, and is available to pre-order now!

The first track is less of a remix, and more of a complete re-imagination of 'Up', produced by our own Will Carpenter.  Since 'Up' was born in a somewhat melancholy moment, Will had an idea to embrace that aspect of the song and really create something with an organic and somber emotional palette.  What emerged is something that barely resembles the original, and has its own unique beauty.

Tracks 2-4 are all remixes, created by three very talented electronic producers.  The Trent. Remix is an analog dream that transports the listener to a calming yet compelling musical landscape, while Mike Vincent's interpretation of 'Up' screams palm trees, drop-tops and pool parties all summer!  The E.P. closes with the Stereo Vandals gritty, fast-paced, future remix adding one final candle on the proverbial cake.

We truly couldn't be happier with how these turned out - so strikingly different, and yet cohesive!  We will be premiering each over the course of the month, and the first premiere can be found on Salacious Sound!

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